Learn More About Braces in Ripon WI

Whether you were born with alignment issues or they developed over time, it can be embarrassing. Crooked teeth often make people feel uncomfortable with their appearance. Unfortunately, crooked teeth do not only cause cosmetic concerns. They can also cause functional issues and can place pressure on certain teeth. This can cause wearing in the teeth, leading to damage. For many types of alignment issues, the best treatment option is Braces in Ripon WI.

In the past, braces were a much more intrusive method of treatment. Today’s braces are more advanced than ever before and allow people to feel more comfortable in receiving treatment. There are now options for braces, clear brackets and porcelain brackets so the braces are less noticeable.

To prepare your teeth for braces, the dentist will need to make sure they are thoroughly clean and dry. If your teeth are not clean, food and plaque particles could be left behind, causing damage and staining. Once the teeth have been prepared, the dentist can begin placing the brackets on each tooth.

Brackets are one of the most crucial aspects of braces. They form the framework for the metal wiring that is used to slowly move your teeth into their desired position. A bracket is adhered to each tooth so it becomes fully bonded in place. The adhesive used is strong and is immediately cured and hardened with a special light.

Once the brackets are adhered, the metal wiring is put in place. Each bracket features channels that allow the wires to run through. This connects each tooth together so they can be manipulated throughout treatment. You will also most likely have rubber bands put in place. These can help to control the treatment as it is being carried out. Each component of braces works together to straighten the teeth and align the jaws properly.

If you are suffering from crooked teeth, you may be interested to learn more about Braces in Ripon WI. To schedule your appointment, contact Silver Creek Dentistry. They can give you information on whether or not you are a good candidate for braces so you can get started on treating your smile.

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