Learn More About Acrylic Nails in Omaha

When a woman wants her hands to look beautiful, she often visits a nail salon to have her nails done. A fresh manicure can make a huge difference in boosting a woman’s self-esteem. This is one of those little things women do to keep them feeling beautiful. Those who have never had acrylic nails in Omaha may want to read on so they can learn more about these nails and the beautiful looks they offer.

Acrylic Nails in Omaha allow a woman to be in charge of the length and shape of her nails. The nail technician will first choose the plastic tips that will go on each nail end. These tips are cut to determine the length the nail will be. Before the tips can be attached, the nail bed is slightly roughened and then the tip can be adhered in place.

Once the tip has been put in place, a special acrylic powder is mixed with liquid chemicals. This is prepared to the right consistency and then painted on the nail and over the plastic tip for a full coating of acrylic. Depending on the person’s nails, the technician may make a couple of different layers of acrylic to ensure the nail will be thick and strong.
When all of the acrylic has been applied, the technician will use special tools to shape the nail and smooth the surface. The shaping process is crucial for making the nails look natural and ensuring there will be no snags or rough edges on the nails.

After the acrylic has been applied and shaped, there are many options for design. Some women prefer a natural look and opt for a french manicure. Others prefer to get creative and choose their favorite gel paints. Glitter, rhinestones and painted designs can make a woman’s nails look unique.

Those who are excited about having beautiful acrylic nails. These nails can last a long time and only need routine fill-ins every couple of weeks. Call today and schedule an appointment for beautifully strong nails that will make a woman feel her very best.

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