Learn How To Use Epoxy Sealant For A Window Repair In Colorado Springs

A cracked storm window may result in cool air seeping into a home during the winter. A crack can become larger if force is placed against a glass pane. If a homeowner would like to salvage damaged glass, they can repair a crack by completing the following steps for Window Repair in Colorado Springs.


* glass cleaner

* sponge

* lint-free cloth

* tube of waterproof epoxy sealant (formulated for use on glass)

* finishing film

* roll of masking tape

* scissors

* plastic putty knife

Clean A Glass Pane And Fill A Crack

If a sharp object came into contact with a storm window, a glass pane should be cleaned so that any glass fragments or dirt particles are removed. A glass cleaning agent should be sprayed onto a sponge or lint-free cloth.
Light pressure should be applied to the backside of a sponge or cloth as glass is cleaned. A dry cloth can be used to remove moisture from a glass pane. A tube of waterproof epoxy sealant can be used to patch a crack. Sealant is waterproof and will not minimize the beauty of a glass pane.

Use Film To Cover Glass And Care For A Storm Window

After squeezing epoxy along the length of a crack, a piece of finishing film should be secured over repaired glass. Finishing film is a material that is thin and lightweight. It often is included in a glass repair kit. After using a few strips of tape to secure film to glass, one side of a plastic putty knife should be moved across film-covered sealant.

Sealant will flatten as a result. Epoxy sealant will dry after a couple hours. To determine when sealant has dried, an individual can inspect glass from the side that epoxy was not administered to. If epoxy is clear, it has dried and film can be removed from a window.

To protect a glass pane from additional damage, pressure should not be applied to a glass pane. If a glass pane needs to be cleaned, non-abrasive cleaning items should be used. For additional assistance with a Window Repair in Colorado Springs, visit Peakviewwindows.com or a comparable website.

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