Learn How to Operate a Forklift

If your current job entails using a forklift, you may be sent to a training course by your employer. Such programs include Forklift Operator Training Safety Courses and Forklift Operator Training Courses that will show people how to safely use a forklift. The entire course will revolve around OSHA-compliant certified training which helps reduce the amount of accidents that happen in the work place. If you want forklift operator training in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, there are plenty of great schools that can provide a range of comprehensive programs.

Enjoy Hands on Experience

When you attend forklift driver training classes, upon completion students will have earned their forklift driver certification. Most vocations that include forklift driving want their employees to obtain this type of certification in order to work with forklifts. Forklift training programs focus on hands-on operation that happens in a counterbalanced truck, a motorized hand truck and a stand-on narrow aisle picker. This ensures that many types of forklifts have been covered and students are knowledgeable about their usage.

Other Training Aspects

There are also lessons on motor and engine operation, instrumentation and controls. This ensures that students are aware of how well a forklift is running and when it may need maintenance. Instruction of this type helps people realize when a forklift may require service so faulty equipment will not cause any undue harm in the work place.

Further Training Aspects Include

  • Stability and Capacity
  • Maneuvering and Steering
  • Unloading and Aisle Loading
  • Tiering and Stacking
  • Unloading Instruments and Tractor-Trailer Loading

Operational Training

All aspects of training are covered even characteristics of the environment are included. It is necessary to be able to maneuver a forklift in spaces that are tight and closed in as well as open with plenty of room. These types of classes are perfect for people over the age of eighteen since this is the minimum age for a forklift operator. Most classes are held monthly and can be enrolled in by simply calling the forklift training school to apply. Earning a certificate in forklift training can be done with skilled and knowledgeable instructors as your guide. It is always a good idea to take such instructional courses to open more employment possibilities.

Smith and Solomon Training Solutions offer courses in forklift operator training in Pennsylvania, and the New Jersey area. Call today to find out how to start the enrollment process.

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