Learn About Your Rights From a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Jefferson County MO

Filing for Social Security Disability should be a simple process for every disabled United States citizen but unfortunately, it is not. Filling out the forms and providing the required information is not always easy. Regrettably, even deserving individuals are sometimes denied their benefits because of minute mistakes made in the process. This is why so many disabled men and women make the wise choice to hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Jefferson County MO.

An attorney can help a disabled person through the process of filling out their initial paperwork or through the appeal’s process. Hiring a lawyer from the very beginning often allows individuals to receive their approval much faster without wasted time on not meeting deadlines or failing to include important details. Because these lawyers know the disability laws in Missouri, they can help their clients avoid unnecessary delays in the process.

If a person is denied at first, they can request a reconsideration, which is the first appeal. While not often, this can lead to an approval, especially if a lawyer is able to provide additional information that would substantiate the disability claim. Should a denial be given on the first appeal, there is a second appeal that will be held before an administrative law judge and it is critical a person is represented by an attorney, though not required by law.

Being prepared for the appeal’s process is absolutely vital. It is up to the appellant to provide all medical records and information for the judge to look at. The Social Security Administration will not provide this information and individuals are often denied disability by the judge simply because they are ill-prepared for the hearing. Hiring a lawyer allows a person a greater level of peace of mind, assuring them all of the steps in the process are carried out precisely.

Those who are attempting to file for Social Security Disability are urged to contact a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Jefferson County MO.  Call today if you would like to schedule an appointment with the lawyer.

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