Learn about Exciting Advancements Being made with Invisalign in Washington, DC

When a person’s teeth are out of their natural alignment, their smile does not look as attractive as they would like. People often feel self-conscious simply because their smile is crooked. Years ago, a new orthodontic treatment was developed that could help people straighten their smile without metal braces. With Invisalign in Washington, DC, a person can have the beautifully straight teeth they have always longed for.

The Invisalign system features clear aligner trays that are placed over the teeth. These trays help straighten the teeth in a minimum period of one year. The trays are made especially for a patient through the dentist and the Invisalign team. The dentist works with the team by sending images of the patient’s teeth and jaws to determine what treatment plan will need to be put in place.

Once the treatment plan has been drawn up, a series of aligner trays are created specifically for the patient’s teeth. These aligners are put in place and left on for a period of two weeks. They can be removed while eating or brushing the teeth and put back in place after eating or cleaning. Each aligner is thrown away after two weeks and a new one is worn. This continues throughout the entire period of treatment until the patient has reached the desired level of straightening, usually within a year.

While Invisalign can help many people straighten their teeth, it cannot help everyone. Some people respond better to metal braces, depending on the severity of their issue. Through a consultation appointment, a person can learn whether or not they are a good candidate for Invisalign in Washington, DC.

Many people prefer Invisalign over traditional metal braces because they do not have to feel embarrassed about having a mouth full of metal. Since the trays can be removed when eating, there are no food restrictions to deal with.

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