Lawn Maintenance Companies in Shreveport, LA Can Help Older People Tend Their Gardens

Homeowners are proud to have a well-tended and lush lawn. Many men and women spend a lifetime creating a beautiful landscape. It can be frustrating for them as they age and can no longer mow the lawn or prune large trees. Growing older doesn’t mean that they have to stop all of their yard work or let their lawn go to seed. They can hire one of the Lawn Maintenance Companies Shreveport LA to do the work that they no longer have the stamina for. This may mean no longer getting up on tall ladders to prune mature trees.

The Earthworks Lawn & Tree Company is veteran owned and family operated. For the past 13 years they have been helping people create and maintain their yards. One of their certified arborists will be happy to meet with a property owner to discuss pruning and maintaining large trees. They can come out with a large bucket truck and have the job done quickly. If a large branch is hanging out over the house or garage, it can easily and safely be removed. The arborist can also check to see if the tree is healthy. If the tree is past saving they can quickly remove it and grind down the stump. It’s important to remove dead and diseased trees because the become termite magnets.

Lawn Maintenance Companies Shreveport LA can do the lawn mowing, leaf raking, and fertilizing to keep a lawn healthy and attractive. They can also edge the borders along walkways and flower beds. Older people can still enjoy working in the garden. If they’ve always loved picking out perennials and annuals for their flower beds, they can still do that. When the landscapers take care of the other chores, this leaves them time and energy to focus on their most enjoyable tasks. They have energy to make sure that their favorite plants are watered and fertilized properly.

If they now need a cane or walker, installing a paved path through the garden will make it easier to reach their flowers, professional landscapers can design walkways that are both functional and create beautiful vistas. Garden benches can be placed for rest stops. Everyone will enjoy sitting on them and looking at the flowers.

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