Landscaping Applications for Fill Dirt in San Marcos, TX

Fill dirt differs from garden topsoil in that it is usually devoid of the organic matter required to grow vegetables, flowers, and other plants. That doesn’t mean that fill dirt in San Marcos, TX doesn’t still play a valuable role in landscaping, though. Read on to find out about a few of the most common landscaping applications for fill dirt below.

Fill in Holes in Lawn

Property owners who want a beautiful, rolling lawn but have tons of holes can always fill those holes in with fill dirt. The process is simple. They just need to either gently cut and remove large square sections of their existing grass if they want to replant it, add fill dirt to the holes to even everything out, then replace the sections. It’s also perfectly fine to establish new grass from seed once the holes have been filled in, in which case there’s no need to remove the existing grass.

Create Terraces

Terracing adds a ton of visual appeal to both residential and commercial landscapes. These terraces can house hardscaping features such as walkways and patios, or they can be used to create raised garden beds by adding topsoil. Either way, fill dirt the most cost-effective way to create terraces.

Even Out Grades

Terracing isn’t the only way to even out grades using fill dirt in San Marcos, TX. Property owners can also create slope lines by placing wooden stakes in rows starting at the highest point in their yards, running a string to represent the desired height, and filling up to that line. Once this fill line has been created, a new lawn can be planted, a garden can be established, or safer walkways can be installed to facilitate movement around the property.

How to Get Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is everywhere, but it often simply isn’t practical to dig it from the same property as that will only leave a new hole that needs to be filled. The easiest way to get around this problem is to order fill dirt from a landscaping supplier and have it delivered via dump truck directly to the property. Visit us website for information on how to place an order.

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