Landscaping and Masonry Service in Norwalk, CT

Properties are not always easily maintained. In addition to problems in the home, yards must be continually mowed, watered, and fertilized. Mulch must be put down, and bushes must be pruned. Tree limbs need to be cut. Roots and water can crack masonry and foundations. With the daily care, a lawn requires, it is difficult to keep a landscape beautiful. When looking for a landscaping and Masonry Service in Norwalk CT, customers should look for companies that offer the following benefits.

* They offer a full range of services, from landscape design and implementation to exterior masonry, lawn care, trimming, and snow removal.

* Landscaping services can be small or large-scale, ranging from a small flower bed to an entire multi-acre yard. Their services include AstroTurf installation, decorative trees, flower beds, gardens, hedges, mulch, stone placement, and creating small hills for variety.

* Masonry services mean landscapers will create walkways and paths so people can explore a beautiful property. They also create patios, porches, dividers, and retaining walls.

* They are about more than doing the job they are assigned. They will not leave a mess in the yard after the job is done. They can be relied on to clean walkways, porches, and drives.

* They can perform any level of lawn maintenance. This includes mowing services, trimming and pruning, cutting down trees, watering, and weed treatments. These services maintain the integrity of the landscape design while keeping the lawn beautiful. Mowing services are done quickly, but thoroughly, during hours when a little noise is not an issue.

* They also offer snow and ice removal services during the winter months. They widen driveways, clear paths, and treat slick, icy surfaces to ensure residents’ safety.

Companies like Giglio Landscape Services LLC offer the above services for any size property, whether it is residential or commercial. They will work with homeowners who already have designs in mind. Alternatively, they are able to design a landscape plan from the ground up. They communicate closely with residents to make sure the design meets with their approval. They will also work with community and homeowners associations to make sure the landscaping is consistent with local policies.

When looking for a landscaping and Masonry Service in Norwalk CT, customers should find companies that are reliable, on time, and clean up after themselves. They keep any size property stylish and attractive. You can visit here for more information.

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