Landscape Maintenance in Greenwich, CT, for Areas With Small Stones

Landscaping with boulders and large rocks requires less maintenance than landscaping with gravel and small stones does. Nevertheless, many property owners prefer the look of the smaller materials in residential yards and on commercial land. People who don’t want to deal with the extra work might hire regular professional landscape maintenance in Greenwich, CT.

Raking and Weed Removal

This type of landscape maintenance in Greenwich, CT, does not need to be done frequently. The workers might have to rake driveway and mulch gravel back in place occasionally. Pulling weeds also can be a scheduled task, since those unwanted plants can pop up from the soil underneath the gravel.

Even when significant portions of the landscape consist of small stones, the rocks should stay in place most of the time. That’s particularly true if nobody is walking or driving on this part of the property. Some property owners like to have large rock gardens or loose gravel areas with flat rocks for stepping stones. Those paths minimize the need for lawn mowing and avoid having more pavement.

Washing Gravel

Two or three times a year, they may remove gravel from around trees and alongside buildings to clean it. They sweep loose debris away and then rinse the stones with a garden hose. If any rocks have algae growth, that can be removed with a brush. After the gravel dries, the workers return it to the beds.

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