Land Surveying – Bringing Together Yesterday and Tomorrow, Today

Few careers require a balancing act of old-fashioned footwork and cutting-edge technology like that of land surveying. A modern science created from an ancient art, the tools of this trade are an interesting blend of the future and the past. Let’s look at that seemingly-stark divide, and how industry experts have blurred the lines for a seamless incorporation of both sides of the coin.

The Softer – and More Modern – Side of Things

Land survey tools can be sorted into the categories of hardware and software. While most people consider hardware items to be the most important in the “tools” category, the modern surveyor relies heavily on the software side of things. Some of the ways software makes the surveyor’s job easier include:

  • GPS technology is making the collection of accurate data easy and intuitive.
  • Templates designed for official reports being made available during logging.
  • Map creation software is allowing users to plug in key information and create two- and three-dimensional maps from that data.
  • Automatic transfer and backing-up of data so surveying professionals don’t have to worry about lost logs.
  • One-touch analyzation of key information that might have taken hours to manually calculate in previous generations.

Hard-Working Hardware

As you can see, the software used by modern surveyors does a lot of the heavy lifting that was once done with the brain and a pencil and paper. However, this doesn’t mean that the physical aspect of the job is no longer important. Quite the opposite, in fact. Land survey tools are still primarily tangible ones, used in the exploration and recording of physical features found during assignments. Retailers of this equipment know that today’s surveyor needs a comprehensive combination of technology and the human touch to get their jobs done. They provide exactly that in devices such as robotic total stations, GPS-enabled exploration devices, and more. In no other industry is there a better balance between today and yesterday than in the tools and trade of surveying! Contact Frontier Precision for more information.

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