Know the Benefits of AC Maintenance

Keeping your home in Charlotte, NC, cool during the summer is important. High summertime temps and high humidity levels can make for a miserable time. Your air conditioner is the key to achieving that goal and staying comfortable, but if you’re not investing in AC maintenance, you could be shortchanging yourself. What are the benefits of regular air conditioner maintenance?

Lower Your Cooling Costs – We all hate to get those summertime energy bills. It seems like the cost of cooling our homes goes up every year. However, only some of that cost increase is due to the utility company raising their rates. The real culprit could be wear and tear on your air conditioner, making it run longer and use more electricity to reach the same level of cooling that it once did. AC maintenance ensures that your unit runs efficiently, reducing the amount of power consumption and lowering your energy bill.

Longer AC Lifespan – The average air conditioner can last between 10 and 15 years. After that point, you’re living on borrowed time, and you’ll need to eventually invest in a replacement unit. However, with AC maintenance, you can dramatically extend the lifespan of your entire system. While no repair company can guarantee a specific number of years, you could see a dramatic increase – that saves you a great deal of both time and money.

A Healthier Home – Part of annual AC maintenance is cleaning the drain pan, the coils, and the fins on the condenser. The reason for cleaning these areas is that dust, mold and mildew can develop. All of those have the potential of reaching inside your home, where they can cause serious health concerns. Investing in regular maintenance ensures that you and your family benefit from the healthier indoor air, and suffer from fewer indoor air pollution or allergy related problems.

Fewer Repairs – Regular air conditioner maintenance ensures that all the moving parts in your system are inspected and lubricated, and that the entire system is fully inspected by a trained professional. This results in fewer expensive repairs and replacements over the years, further reducing your cost of ownership.

As you can see, AC maintenance is a wise investment, allowing you to spend less over time, maximize the lifespan of your equipment, and even improve the indoor air quality in your home, helping your family live happier and healthier.

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