Know How the Lemon Law can Work for You in Wisconsin

When a person purchases a new automobile, they have expectations that car will function properly and safely. What happens though when the vehicle fails to operate correctly? Do you know what to do if the new car you just purchased is in the shop more than being driven by you? Wisconsin lemon law helps protects a consumer’s right to purchase a reliable automobile and the legal steps they will need to take if the car fails to meet their requirements. An attorney can help you understand how these laws work and what you should do to find relief against a defective car.

Responsibility of the Manufacturer

A Manufacturer is responsible for producing an automobile that operates efficiently and safely for consumers to purchase. If they fail to meet this requirement, the company is liable to make the repairs required to correct the defect. Manufacturers are allowed a reasonable amount of time to make these repairs in before they will be required to reimburse the consumer for the vehicle or replace it with a new one. They are given four failed attempts to repair the car before the customer is allowed to file a claim against them. If the automobile is non-operational for 30 days or more, it would be advisable for the person to contact an attorney.

How a Trusted Legal Team can help

Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® has over 21 years of experience in handling over 35,000 cases across the nation. They strive to help their clients receive the settlement that they deserve and will be with you every step of the way while filing your claim. A trusted law firm, they have the experience and knowledge you need when facing a large manufacturer. Visit they have a vast amount of knowledge on the various lemon laws across the United States and help their clients find relief from a defective automobile.

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