Keeping your Furry Friends Healthy and Happy

Your pet is a part of your family, and you want him or her to stay healthy for a long time to come. When you find out your little friend has an illness or serious injury, getting him to the best 24-hour emergency vet is critical. Finding veterinarians who each specialize in a certain medical area means your pet will get the best possible care so he can return home to you soon!

Cardiology for your Friend

Some breeds of dogs such as Boxers and Wolfhounds are predisposed to having heart issues due to their genetics, and others can develop heart issues as they get older, gain excessive weight or suffer heart failure during strenuous exercise such as agility or hiking. Being able to detect outflow obstructions, congenital defects, tumors and cardiomyopathies means your pet will get precise treatment for his unique issue so he can be back on his feet in no time. Some signs that your friend is having heart trouble could be a shortness of breath or dry sounding cough, fatigue or even fainting, or a swollen belly.

Oncology Treatments

Some purebred dogs are at a high risk of developing certain types of cancer. While some tumors may be benign and harmless, others will need medical treatment. Being able to take your friend to a vet who specializes in oncology will go a long way to ensuring your little friend is around for many more years! English Bulldogs and Boxers, for example, can face a number of health issues from heart failure to cancer but in many cases they respond very well to the right treatments and can lead long happy lives.


Just like humans, dogs can face a variety of skin issues including dry and itchy skin, rashes, oily skin, blackheads, or inflammation. Sometimes a secondary cause is to blame which could be a bacterial infection or the result of a poor diet. Finding a vet that specializes in dermatology means your friend won’t have to suffer through a variety of trials, the chances are good the vet has seen the issue before and knows just how to properly diagnose and treat it. Some signs of a skin issue could include flaky skin or dandruff, oily skin with a strange odor, small patches of hair loss, rashes or excessive scratching in a certain spot, pimple-like inflammation and more.

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