Keeping Your Chesapeake, VA Carpet Clean Between Professional Cleanings

While it would be nice to think all you had to do to keep a nice looking floor was vacuum your carpets, the process of keeping your carpets in good condition is far more complex than simply running the Hoover across the floors once a week. Although, experts On carpet cleaning in Chesapeake VA advise housekeepers to vacuum at least once a week, you should actually do it more often in high traffic areas. Even if your carpet looks fine, it’s still important to keep a steady routine of vacuuming, eliminating the ground-in dirt that cuts the fibers of your carpet, wearing it down over time.

Cleaning wall to wall carpeting in a large room is not like mowing a large yard. You should not do long sweeping rows of vacuuming, but rather divide up the floor into quadrants and tackle the room that way. One trip around, even with a high-powered cleaner is usually not going to be enough, especially with deep piled carpeting where dirt is surely stuck. Take your time with vacuuming, giving the machine enough time to suction in all the dirt.

In the areas where people walk and sit the most, use a criss-cross pattern of vacuuming, making sure to overlap your swipes as you go. If the areas you’re working on are malodorous, a sprinkle of baking soda into your vacuum cleaner bag will surely help. While vacuuming will surely help with odors problems, it does little to help with stains. The best rule of thumb to remember when attacking stains is immediacy. First blot the stain, being careful not to rub it in deeper. Do this before you ever add any type of cleaner to the area.

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When applying stain cleaners for the first time, be sure to test them first in a small, out of the way corner of your carpet. In some cases, they can stain the carpets too, and it’s better to know this in an inconspicuous area than in the middle of your room. The bottom line, however, is some stains cannot be removed by your store-bought cleaners. For truly diligent cleaning of stains and proper maintenance of your carpet, call in professional carpet cleaning companies in Chesapeake, VA to take care of your carpet investment.

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