Keeping staff safe when loading

Access to the work platforms revolves around safety, primarily concerning operator and staff safety. Accidents can happen due to falls, slips, trips and items falling from the gantry to the ground below.

Power Options

There is nothing worse than a back injury that has been caused by employees straining and overstretching to lift heavy gangways. The optional extra offered by gantry access in relation to power assistance has saved countless injuries. Let the system take the strain and not the employee.

The Right Product for the Task

Gantry access is an important safety aspect. No employer wants to see employees falling, slipping or dropping tools from a great height and possibly injuring fellow worker below. Firstly, access to the gantry has lots of different safety features as standard such as non-slip stair treads, rungs and floors. The ladders and gantries have safety handrails and kicker panels on the platform.

Easily moved, platforms or portable lightweight gantries offer no reason why safety should be an issue for gantry access. Extra wide folding stairs as well as cages on rails making moving a work platform easy instead of employees leaning or stretching too far to reach a cover, only to overbalance and fall. As these gantries are all height and width adjustable, overstretching should not occur as they are easily moved a few centimeters, or more, to get to where the operator can perform his job in safety. The old fashioned and dangerous way was for the driver to use a winch and harness to access vents in order to check the level of the contents of the tanker. The same applies to rail and shipping gantries, albeit on a larger scale.
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Safe access from the gantry is achieved by safety cages. Extra wide cages allow for more than one operator to access the tanker at the same time. Cages on rails allow for the operator to move along the tanker without having to climb down to ground level move the gantry and then scale to the top of the tanker again. Safety is at the heart of the maintenance program, and this is kept to a minimum due to the quality of workmanship and design.



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