Keeping Silverfish in Marlboro, NJ Out Of A Home

When a home suffers from a silverfish infestation, the chances are a professional will be called in to eradicate the problem. After this work is conducted, it will be necessary to take steps to keep Silverfish in Marlboro NJ from returning in the future. Try the following steps to keep a home free of these insects.

Check The Exterior For Flaws

If the exterior of a home has several cracks present, insects will be able to slide through them to the living space. Taking the time to evaluate the exterior of a home regularly will help in keeping pests from using damaged parts as entryways to the inside. Caulk can be inserted in cracks to help in providing a protective barrier to the home’s interior.

Keep The Home’s Interior Dry

Silverfish tend to stick around areas where moisture is prevalent. To keep these pests from becoming problems, it is important to keep the home’s interior dry. A dehumidifier can be positioned in any area of the home where humidity is excessive. Some people find that the installation of a vapor barrier can be an effective way to keep pests from getting into the basement level of a home as well.

Complete Cleaning Procedures Regularly

If a home is not cleaned on a regular basis, silverfish, as well as other pests, are more likely to take up residence. It is important to remove any food sources from the inside of a home. Vacuuming carpets, sweeping floors, and wiping down counters will help to keep the smells of food away from the inside of a home, helping to thwart pest invasions as well.

Keep Attractions Contained

Silverfish will be attracted to paper products and clothing items. If there was a problem with these pests recently, it is best to keep these attractions contained to ensure all silverfish were eradicated from the home’s interior. Placing items in plastic storage tubs will be effective.

When there is a need to remove Silverfish in Marlboro NJ from home, calling the right business to do the job is a must. Contact Freehold Pest Control today to find out more.

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