Keep Your Power Humming With a Generator Installation in Newnan GA

Hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms and power company spikes and fluctuations — any and all of these can and have caused black outs, brown outs and who-knows-the-cause-but-the-lights-have-gone-out losses of power. Just let an entire city or state experience a loss in power and then what happens? Everybody you know is frustrated beyond belief. No heat, no air conditioning, no refrigeration, and to boot, everything in the freezer has but a number of hours before it goes bad. That great deal on steaks you ran across last week? Tell it goodbye. All that corn you stripped off the ears, blanched and froze last summer? Bye-bye! Your well and hot water heater run on electricity, so guess what … you got it, no running water. If you happen to be fortunate enough to have city water, you still have no way of heating it short of building a campfire in the back yard and playing pioneer. You can’t cook anything unless you happen to be one of the few with a gas range, you can’t listen to the radio and television and Internet may as well have not been invented yet.

It’s not a pretty picture.

Now. Would you like to know how all of this needless pain and suffering could have been prevented? Would you like to know how you could be the life-saver in your neighborhood, offering respite, air conditioning (or heat, depending upon the season), a warm meal, the ability to wash clothes, an extension cord to a neighbor to keep their refrigerator going … should this worst case scenario occur? This wonderful person could be you if you purchase a back-up generator installation in Newnan GA for your home and family. A back-up generator is wired into your home so that if power to the home fails, within a matter of seconds it will automatically kick in to restore power. No need to light candles, then go drag a portable generator out of the garage, fill it with oil and gas and then try to manually crank it. Your automatic back-up generator can be programmed to start itself weekly to insure that the battery is strong and everything is working as it should.

Don’t let your family suffer needlessly. Be the one your neighbors can turn to in the case of an emergency. Call to have a back-up generator installed and enjoy the fringe benefit of complete peace of mind!

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