Keep Your Lawn Healthy with Irrigation Repair in Lakewood, NJ

There are many ways to keep your lawn healthy, and you should take a multi-pronged approach to keeping your lawn looking great. That means you will need the proper mix of nutrients, the proper amount of water, and as few pests as possible. Pests, in this context, also includes invasive plants. The weeds that grow in your lawn are not only unsightly, but they also consume the resources that are essential for your grass to grow. There are many nutrients that help keep a plant healthy, but the most common and most vital nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. There are many different weeds that consume those nutrients unequally and can damage your lawn. Nothing damages a lawn faster than drought, though. If your lawn system is not working properly, you need an irrigation repair specialist.

Repair Specialist

How much water your lawn needs depends on how much rain you get and how much grass you have. However, a rule of thumb tends to be that your lawn needs about an inch or so of rain every week. Sandy soil does not hold water quite as well, so it might need more, and drought-stricken soil does not hold water very well either. That’s why irrigation repair in Lakewood, NJ is so important. If you let your soil dry out, it will be more difficult to water it without flooding your front yard. You can visit our website to see what kinds of irrigation repair services are available.


It’s also possible that your irrigation repair specialist will provide you with some upgrade options. These upgrades can be things like improved timers, better pumps, and greater water pressure. These improvements will make it easier to keep your lawn healthy. After all, fertilizing and mowing your lawn won’t do anything if you’re not watering it regularly. Water is the key to an effective lawn treatment program.

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