Keep Your Air Conditioning in New Haven IN Ready for the Summer Heat With Regular Maintenance

As the heat of summer looms over the horizon people begin to realize it is once again time to take care of their air conditioning equipment. In most cases this is done with a little regular maintenance and cleaning of the system. Routine maintenance of any air conditioner should be performed at least once a year before the equipment is required for heavy use. In most cases it is done in the early spring before you really need the A/C, but this is also the busiest time of year for many air conditioning companies which means you may have a small wait or will need to make an appointment.

Maintenance on your Air Conditioning in New Haven IN typically includes some basic cleaning of the system. This means components such as coils and fans. An A/C has two or more coils used to collect and extract heat from the home. One of these coils is located outside the home where the heat is released and the other is located in the air exchange inside the interior cabinet. This coil is slightly protected from dirt by the air filter, but because it sweats during normal usage it will still get dirty. This moisture will interact with any dust that gets past the filter and eventually build up on the coils and reduce its cooling capability. To combat this problem the technician will need to remove the coil and clean it in an acid bath. Thankfully, this problem only occurs after years of use.

One of the most important functions the technician will perform is the charging of the refrigerant. Chemical refrigerants are controlled by federal and state laws so the average homeowner can’t fix a low coolant problem on their own. Unfortunately, low coolant levels will cause the A/C to function inefficiently and waste money trying to keep the home cool. A low refrigerant level can also cause the unit to wear out long before it should and require expensive repairs to address the problem like replacing the condenser. If your Air Conditioning in New Haven IN isn’t cooling like it should be sure to Visit the Site of an expert like Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning.

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