Keep Your Air Conditioning in Mesa Properly Serviced For the Best Cooling Effects

Whether you rent or own, your home is a place of safety and comfort. So, when was the last time you had your comfort appliances checked and serviced? Living in areas like Mesa, these appliances can endure a lot of excess wear and tear, which is why regular maintenance is so important. By routinely having your Air Conditioning in Mesa cleaned and properly charged, you could add years of service to the system. Visit for more information!

Routine HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) service should include testing the A/C for proper refrigerant level and changing the refrigeration at certain intervals. It should also include checking the condenser and verifying the external fan is functioning and the cooling coil is clear of debris.

Moving to the inside components, your Air Conditioning in Mesa should do further examination beginning with the evaporator coil. Through years of use this coil will collect a lot of dust and tiny debris that soaks up the moisture that accumulates on the coil. This mud dries in the fins of the coil and can be difficult to clean because parts of the evaporator coil are impossible to reach. To properly eliminate the dirt, your technician will need to remove the coil and wash it in an acid bath. Another area that should be checked for dirt accumulation is the squirrel cage on the blower. This fan can also catch a lot of dirt which greatly reduces it’s efficiency in moving air.

Eventually, your HVAC will break down and need to be replaced. Selecting the right Air Conditioning in Mesa requires a contractor skilled in calculating the right system for your environment. It isn’t always the best idea to simply replace the old system with one that sounds the same. Modern HVAC systems are much more efficient than the older models and sometimes the new versions can be more powerful than your home needs. On the other hand, many older units lacked the power to heat or cool homes properly leaving the system to struggle in performing it’s function. Selecting the company that replaces your HVAC is just as critical. It’s best to find well experienced companies like Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc who only employ the highest trained technicians.

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