Jump Frog Lure Malaysia

As the name suggests, a lure is designed to get fish to come out and in order to do that you need something that can catch a fish’s attention, both in terms of how it looks and how it moves. A Jump Frog Lure Malaysia is especially effective with its enticing, colourful look as well as being specifically weighted so that your casting can be long and accurate, coupled with a retrieval action that is unique to this brand.

One great choice from the Seahawk Fishing range is the Amazon Hunter Jump Frog. Handcrafted and made from durable wood, it is formed in order to create a darting action that has a realistic weight and feel.

If you want to try a different material, the Dart Frog with Silicone Skirt provides a unique shape and swimming action, based in part on being formed from premium rubber.

Finally, the Parrot Jumpfrog has its own unique weight and buoyancy. As its name suggests, the colour really stands out and like the Amazon Hunter it is durable due to being made from wood.

What links all of these types of Jump Frog Lure Malaysia together is that they are not the usual mass-produced types of lure you get, so what you have will stand out from the crowd. These have been crafted to help you get more from your fishing. To find out more about this and other fishing products we have to offer, please contact Seahawk Fishing today to learn more about our wide range.

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