It’s Time to Go Back to Trucking

How many years has it been since you drove a big rig? Remember the peace and comfort that only the open road can provide? Maybe you retired or you left the trucking industry some years ago. Now is one of the best times to be driving a truck. The pay and benefits are excellent, and you can get a job with just about every trucking company in the business. To get back to trucking, you only need to take a truck driver refresher course, and here are some reasons to return to the road.

Driver Shortages

The biggest problem most freight companies face today is trailers full of goods and no one to deliver them to customers. The truth is, there are not enough good truck drivers for all the work that’s out there. This is not good news for the freight industry, but it is great news for truck drivers. If you are an experienced driver, you’ll have no trouble finding work. In fact, some companies will pay for your truck driver refresher course and pay you as much as $100 a day for attending the course.

Over the Road or Local

There are plenty of over the road trucking jobs available, and you can find some good local driving jobs too. If you don’t mind spending long stretches on the road, you’ll probably make more money as a long-haul driver. However, you can also earn a good living driving locally, and you’ll be home every night.

No Layoffs

Once you pass your truck driver refresher course, you can start working and making good money. You’ll also enjoy benefits like life insurance, medical insurance, and vacation pay. With so many companies laying off workers and going out of business, it’s nice to know you have a job that’s in high demand and will be for years to come.

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