Items to Prepare for the AC Unit Installation

The purchase of a new air conditioning unit holds the promise of cool and comfortable temperatures. While getting the new unit installed is an exciting time, there is preparation work to be done. This is especially true if the home has never had a unit installed in it. This preparation work is necessary before the unit is installed.

Take the time to consider where the AC unit is going to go on the outside of the house. If possible, avoid putting it in an area with full sun. The area should also be free of falling leaves and other debris that can get into the unit. In some cases, air conditioning units will need to be placed in the backyard due to the close location of neighbors. If you are having problems deciding where the AC unit should be put, contact the installers. A concrete pad will be needed to prevent the unit from sinking into the ground.

If the home has never had central air, the installation of ducts is part of the AC Unit Installation. The ducts are the means by which the cold air is circulated. If this unit was purchased as a replacement, the duct work still needs to be checked out to ensure it is adequately servicing all rooms. As the ducts age, they leak. This system needs to be checked on a regular basis.

The electrical system should also be evaluated before the AC Unit Installation. A new unit will require its own dedicated electrical breaker. In addition, the electrician should check to ensure that the breaker can handle the electrical demands of the new system. The electrician may also check the total electrical load to the house. If this is the first time the home has had a system, the unit will add to the overall load.

While a comfortable environment is attainable with the addition of air conditioner, preparing ahead of time is necessary. By picking out an appropriate location, having the ducting system installed or inspected and having the electrical system checked, the house is prepared for the new unit. For more information on the installation process, check out

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