Isuzu 4HE1 and 4HK1 Engines for sale are uncommon

Locating Isuzu 4HE1 and 4HK1 engines for sale can be difficult. These engines were extensively used in the Isuzu N-series and General Motor’s GMC/Chevrolet W-series light and medium duty trucks. The engines are well known for their durability and reliability, often in service for 300,000 miles or more.

There are less than a handful of suppliers in the US having an inventory of used or rebuilt 4HE1 and 4HK1 engines for sale that are suitable for use in light to medium duty Isuzu, GMC, and Chevrolet commercial vehicles. The limited number of the motors available means that not every Isuzu supplier will have motors in stock. Having the year and VIN from the current motor will make it easier to find the appropriate 4HE1 or 4HK1 motor.

Differences between Isuzu 4HE1 and 4HK1 engines

The 4HE1 motors is because this engine was popular in the Isuzu N-series as well as General Motors GMC and Chevrolet light to medium duty commercial vehicles from 1998 through 2004. The 4HE1 is a 4.75L (4.8L) diesel, OHC, intercooled, turbocharged motor that was matched up with both standard and automatic transmissions.

Rebuilt Isuzu 4HK1 engines for sale are as difficult to find as the 4HE1. The SOHC, direct injection, 16 valve, turbocharged, 4 cylinder 5.2L engine was extensively used after 2004, replacing the 4HK1 in the GMC/Chevrolet W-series. The 4HK1 was tested by Isuzu for durability using B10 biodiesel fuel. Isuzu claims that the motor should last 300,000 miles before a major component failure if properly maintained.

Used 4HE1 and 4HK1 engines are scarce

The 4HE1 and 4HK1 have the reputation of being reliable and practically indestructible engines. Isuzu claims that over 80% of the commercial vehicles using these engines are still on the road. The engines are so renowned that some of the more creative uses for the 4HK1 have been to substitute it for the original engine in 1980s model of the Chevrolet K10. The fact that so many engines are still in use and the desirability of these models make finding a used or rebuilt 4HE1 or 4HK1 a rarity.

Engine World is a good source for finding Isuzu’s 4HE1 or 4HK1 engines for sale, as the company carries a large inventory of these high demand motors. All rebuilt and remanufactured engines are shipped long block and include a 6 month limited warranty.

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