Is Your Mobile, Internet Ready Device A Security Risk?

These days, many of us carry computer type devices around with us all the time and this is no longer limited to laptop computers. Laptops have spawned palm tops and tablets and our mobile phones are no longer things that we basically use to make phone calls. Some people hardly, if ever, make a ”normal” voice call on their, latest generation, smart phones; instead, they use the device more as a camera linked to a web browser so that they can send photographs to their social network every hour or so.

Always Connected
You could probably visit any town or city in the land and find huge numbers of devices constantly connected to the internet in one way or another. By and large, this feature of modern life passes un-noticed without causing alarm. However, all these device users need to be getting their signal from somewhere. If they are in a so called “Free WiFi Zone”; or, if they are using internet connections paid for under their account with their service provider; everything is OK.

At Whose Cost?
Problems could occur if the devices are logging in to an internet service that the user is not paying for – a business or other type of organization’s in-house wifi network for example. The owners of the networks probably won’t notice the additional costs but, they will notice that their own use is being hampered by all the other devices using up network bandwidth. Moreover, any one of these “visiting” devices could pose security risks when connected to the network.

Safeguards Against Network Abuse
Network administrators are beginning to take these “visitor” risks seriously and are putting systems in place to monitor devices bought into range of their network. The Bring Your Own Device security risks are at their most serious if the device accessing your network is actively searching through data stored in your computers; maybe only to embarrass you but, it could also be for possible cyber crime attempts. Another worry is that the brought in device may be infected with some sort of computer virus and could, by being connected to your network, pass the virus into your computers.

These and other Bring Your Own Device Security Risks can only be dealt with if you know precisely who is connecting to your network and the type of device that is being used. The installation of special sensors and associated software will considerably remove these risks by means of early warning and access control.

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