Is There Still A Market For The Good, Old Fashioned Florist In Charleston, WV?

In our current, connected devices, wifi age; there are people who boast that they rarely, if ever, have any need to visit a retail store; they might hangout in shopping malls; but, when they wish to buy goods of any kind; they order them on line and have the purchases delivered to their door at home. Anything and everything can be purchased this way; including flowers to decorate and brighten up your home.

Flower deliveries have been with us a long time; at first; the delivery system was used when giving flowers to others that were too far away for you to take them yourself (or the occasion – such as a funeral – did not encourage you turning up holding the flowers); originally, we would have visited a florist close to our location and arranged delivery from another florist at the remote location. In time, the system spared us the need to visit the florist (unless we wanted to sign a delivery card) by allowing us to phone in our orders and, later, send them via the internet.

Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD)

This was the original organization behind a flower delivery service and it started in 1910 when two florists got together each to serve the others out of town customers by relaying orders over the telegraph. By the 1920’s many more florists had joined the arrangement and there was even a UK tie-up, which became known as Interflora. Since 2006, Interflora has been owned by FTD and flowers can be sent virtually anywhere in the world.

Has The Personal Touch Been Lost?

As the internet developed and things like call centers came into being; the people handling a (flower) order tended to become ever more remote from both the customer and the delivery point; many now feel that their “customer service agent” can only work to a script that does not allow them to advise someone in (say) Charleston, WV on such things as – “which flowers are currently the best blooms in Timbuktu”. A gift of flowers is meant to be a personal matter that should receive due care and attention.

If the delivery distance is feasible; you can still get this level of personal service by taking the trouble to actually visit a real florist in Charleston, WV. Not only do you get to see the quality of blooms available at the time; but, you can also discuss the flower arranging and whether or not they are suitable for delivery to your desired location.

Young Floral are a real florist in Charleston, WV with a business that has been in their family since 1947. They can deliver within a wide radius of Charleston and are also members of FTD.

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