Is It Time To Change Suppliers For Frac Tank Fittings In Texas?

Working and selling into the Texas oil fields, particularly in the western areas of the state, can be a challenging task. Not only is your territory a long drive to cover, but there are also limited cities or locations with a stocking manufacturers’ representative and wholesale distributor in the area.

Challenges with Suppliers

In these areas, as well as further east and south across the state, fracking has replaced the traditional type of drilling for oil and gas wells, which has lead to an increased need for a readily available supply of frac tank fittings.

While these fittings are available online and can be ordered and shipped from oil field suppliers and distributors throughout the state of Texas or even in New Mexico, shipping to these remote areas of the state is not always easy. It may be two to three days before the order arrives, which is a long downtime for production rigs, and it is a problem for both suppliers as well as the crew on the ground.

Look for Local Wholesale Distributors

Finding local wholesale distributors that are also stocking manufacturers’ representatives is a simple way to solve the problems with delays in ordering and receiving frac tank fittings.

Working with an experienced distributor with a good understanding of the types of frac tank fittings required in the area ensures the parts most in demand are always in stock. These local companies work closely with their customers to provide fast service, competitive pricing, and a complete inventory of parts.

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