Is It Time for a New Cigar Case?

Anytime you travel, you will want to bring some of your favorite cigars with you. Of course, no one wants a crushed or broken cigar, especially if you have spent good money on quality smokes. You could try wrapping some cigars in foil or plastic wrap, but this is not really much protection. It won’t cost you too much for a good cigar case, but what kind should you buy? Here is a look at some of the many options you have, to help with your decision.

How Many Cigars Do You Plan To Carry?

This is perhaps the most important consideration. After all, you shouldn’t get a case larger than you need, or it will take up too much space. However, you should have a cigar case large enough to accommodate your smoking requirements.

Three Cigars

If you plan to take three cigars with you, consider a 3-Finger case. When you want something classy, buy a leather case with cutter. These cases are handsomely shaped and contain a small pocket for a cigar cutter. After all, you don’t want to bite the end off your cigar or worry about losing your cigar cutter. Three finger cases are perhaps the easiest way to carry three fine smokes, and if you are on a budget you can buy a case made from metal.

A Fine Smoke and Great Drink

Perhaps you would like to bring two of your best smokes and a couple of ounces of your finest sipping whiskey or cognac. Did you know you can buy a special cigar case with a built-in flask? Plus, no one has to know what you are carrying. It looks like a typical 3 finger case, except one of the fingers contains a special tubular shaped flask. This is the perfect travel case for the man who wants to enjoy a great drink with his fine smokes. You also can find travel cases which hold one cigar and one liquor flask.

Larger Cigars

Do you enjoy cigars as large as 60 ring size? Make sure to buy a cigar case which can handle your needs. It’s also important to check the length of your case. As you know, some fine cigars are much longer than others, and if you order a case too short, you’ll need to go through the return process. However, if you occasionally carry cigars of different sizes, consider buying a telescoping case. These cases are adjustable to handle a variety of cigar lengths.

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