Is it Safe to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Yelm WA?

In today’s economy, most people that are gainfully employed are thrilled to be employed at all. This can lead to a bit of trepidation when it comes to rocking the boat in the workplace. A lot of people feel that if they step up and complain about an injustice, they might get fired. As such, someone who is injured at work may be hesitant to let their supervisor know. Or, they may be scared to speak up if the company refuses to pay for the services that they need after they’ve received an injury at work. They may not even be willing to talk to a reliable Workers Compensation Attorney Yelm WA.

The bottom line is that it’s understandable that people feel this way, but it’s important to understand your rights. Firstly, if you’re injured at work, you need to tell your supervise/manager right away. If you don’t let someone know and your injury grows more serious, then you may be unable to get the medical care or the time off work that you need.

The next thing that you need to understand is that your company pays for worker’s comp insurance for just these situations. Where their premiums may go up if a serious injury occurs at the workplace, it is their responsibility – and a requirement by law – that they maintain this insurance and provide care for their employees if they should be injured at work.

Now, when it comes to your job, your employer cannot legally fire you for making a workers comp claim. It’s very important to understand, however, that if you are responsible for your injury because you were goofing off or not practicing safe procedures, you could lose your job – but this won’t be related to your injury, only to being unsafe at work.

If your company suggests that they will fire you, or they creates a hostile workplace after you’ve made a claim – and it’s provable – a Workers Compensation Attorney Yelm WA will help you. They will file a claim on your behalf to protect your job or they will directly sue the company and get you a settlement so that you can move on.

Learn how Putnam Lieb – workers compensation attorneys can help you regarding workers compensation issues in Yelm WA.

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