Is A Commercial Truck Rental Right For Your Small Business?

A small business faces a lot of challenges, including offering all the services to their customers of a large business while staying on a limited budget. Small businesses and startup companies in Texas will find the commercial truck rental offers a very attractive option to trying to buy your own delivery vehicle.

Buying a delivery truck for short or long distance hauling is a very large cash outlay, and this only includes the down payment. There is still insurance, maintenance, and emergency repair costs that need to be considered, and then there is the monthly note.

A better option and one that offers a lower cost is to consider the option of a commercial truck rental. This is the most economical option for a small business or a startup as there is no lump sum down payment required and the monthly lease payments can be set up to include preventative and proactive maintenance programs to help ensure the truck is always on the road.

Additional Savings

With a top leasing service, the monthly payment for the truck will be highly predictable. This is a benefit to a small business as there are no payments or repair costs to consider.

Another factor to consider is a lease doesn’t count as a liability on the company books. This is not the case if a commercial truck is purchased through a loan as in this case the loan will be reflected as a debt to the company.

It may also be possible for a lease to actually have a positive tax implication for a business. This will vary based on your business, and your business accountant can provide specific information as to tax benefits for the company.

No Long Term Commitment

With the option to choose a commercial truck rental there is no long-term commitment to a specific vehicle. The vehicle can be upgraded or changed as per the terms of the lease, providing your company with a new model and a great looking truck rather than an older model truck that is still on payments.

For a new business, having the opportunity to try out new models of trucks, or to even have the opportunity to consider a longer-term comparison of truck models makes leasing a much more attractive option than a purchase. It also provides more truck with any budget, adding to the look and professional service your small business can offer.

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