Is A Car Accident Attorney Necessary?

A car accident attorney is one who represents those who have been involved in a car accident and the fault is negligence on the part of another person. In most cases this type of attorney deals in civil law and is commonly thought of as a personal injury lawyer. The task of this legal professional is to represent clients who have suffered damage and injury, getting them the most compensation possible. The damages not only reflect the physical damage to the automobile but medical expenses as well and in many cases compensation for pain and suffering.

It is not difficult to locate a car accident attorney in Pittsburg. As most of these lawyers are employed by or own law firms that deal in personal injury cases they are relatively easy to locate, this is especially true in large urban centers. Although it is true that any attorney can litigate any case it stands to reason that an attorney who deals in personal injury cases will have had more dealings with the issues, both medical and technical that are related to car accidents. Not only will they have in depth knowledge of these issues, they will know who the experts are to call in the event expert testimony is called for.

Most people who are involved in a car accident will not need to engage an attorney, even if they sustain minor injuries. In most cases of this nature the insurance company of the negligent party will attempt to settle the case and see to it that all expenses are paid. Depending on the circumstances the insurance company may even offer some compensation for the time lost from employment. If, as the injured party you are not happy with the offer of compensation you can first of all threaten litigation and if that doesn’t move the insurance company, then it is time to hire a car accident attorney in Pittsburgh.

Hiring a car accident attorney does not mean the case is automatically headed to court, as a matter of fact few cases get that far. Most car accident attorneys work behind the scenes in an effort to arrive at an equitable settlement out of court. Although an out of court settlement denies the injured party from getting a better settlement from a judge, it also avoids a great deal of red tape, time and expense. Only the rare case where there are significant issues makes it to court.

If you are involved in a car accident and the insurance company is reluctant to settle as you think it should then you need a car accident attorney in Pittsburg. You are invited to contact AlpernSchubert, P.C.

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