Is A Breast Uplift In Beverly Hills Right For You?

Many women wish that they could change the natural effects of aging, especially when it comes to changes in the shape and firmness of their breasts. There are different degrees of sagging or drooping of the beasts and therefore there are different options for a breast uplift in Beverly Hills.

Different Options

Not all cosmetic surgeons offer a range of different options for women. Some doctors providing breast uplift in Beverly Hills only use a full uplift and mastopexy surgery to treat any issues with sagging or drooping breasts. However, this adds to the size and number of incisions used during the procedure so also increases the risk of scarring.

If you only need a slight uplift and enhancement to your breasts you should see a cosmetic surgeon that offers limited breast uplift in Beverly Hills. This will elevate the nipple into a more central position on the breast and also place breast implants for a naturally fuller breast. There are no large incisions on the breast and the small incisions are only around the areola.

Women with Larger Breasts

For women with larger or fuller breasts there may be no required for a breast implant during the breast uplift in Beverly Hills. In this type of procedure the nipples and areola are moved up on the breast and the surgeon removes the excess skin, creating a firmer and tighter breast.

Although there is no augmentation in this type of surgical procedure, women with larger fuller breasts undergoing a breast uplift in Beverly Hills may have actually go up a bra size or two because of the repositioning and shaping.

Generally women with smaller breasts that are sagging are better candidates for breast uplift in Beverly Hills than women with larger breasts. Larger breasts tend to begin to droop again more quickly that what is experienced by smaller women.

It is important to understand what a breast uplift in Beverly Hills will accomplish with regards to changing your shape. It is also essential to talk to your plastic surgeon in advance of the surgery if you want a breast augmentation or reduction at the same time and during the same procedure.

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