Investing In Yourself And Treatments With A Dermapen in Tucson

The importance of collagen in the skin is never more evident than when it’s simply not there anymore. Skin that used to be flawless and elastic takes a turn for the worse as life goes on, unless that person has the genes of a super model. Most people do not, and that’s just fine because there are other ways to achieve a smoother look without going to extremes with chemicals or surgeries. Treatment with a Dermapen in Tucson can be the turning point a person has been waiting for to remove scarring, stretch marks and other dermal irregularities.

Dermapen sessions are beneficial for several reasons:

* It’s scientifically proven to work. The procedure is also known as micro-needling and the tool is composed of tiny needles that perforate the surface of the skin. A little controlled damage to the affected areas can activate the body to produce more collagen and elastin, and heal the previously injured tissue.

* A single session takes about an hour to complete. Half of that time is just waiting for the surface numbing agent to take effect. There is no pain and results can be seen in the first procedure by some people. Four to five visits are suggested for maximum benefit and long lasting results.

* Seeking treatment with a Dermapen in Tucson means the person is willing to make an investment in themselves. The treatments are not exactly cheap, but the money can be found by cutting back on other luxuries for a while. It could be the inspiration someone needs to quit smoking and use their savings to enhance their self esteem.

* Consultations are key, and the dermapen is not for everyone. Meeting with a licensed aesthetician will clearly lay out the options available for each individual case. Read more

Committing oneself to a better appearance is the first step to feeling better in the future. Scheduling a consultation regarding the Dermapen in Tucson will put a person on the right path toward rejuvenation and replenishment. It feels good to make an investment in yourself on occasion, and the results are meant to last. This year instead of a new wardrobe, it may be a better idea to find the bargains and use that excess money to fund a brighter tomorrow.

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