International Air Cargo Services Versus Ocean Freight Options

Businesses that ship internationally will want to consider all their options. In most cases, air cargo services are a better choice, but there are some instances where air options aren’t possible or the best choice. Knowing the differences between ocean and air freight can help you determine the best way to get your items where they need to be quickly and efficiently.


When people consider reliability, they usually think that air cargo is a better choice. While this is typically true, there may be times where air freight is postponed, and your items will ship out later than planned.

However, international ocean freight services are typically less reliable than air freight because there are so many factors to consider. Ships are very large, which means that it doesn’t pay to ship a partial load. If you have a small shipment, yours will be mixed with other clients to make a full load and if one or more of the other clients gets delayed, you’ll have to wait to ship your items until everything is complete. Weather is another large problem factor in reliability. Airplanes can usually function even in strong winds and high rains or storms, but ships may not be able to sail in high winds and rain, causing more delays than normal.


Couriers that offer air cargo services are faster than those who only offer ocean freight options because airplanes move a lot faster than ships. While it doesn’t take three months for a ship to get from one area to another anymore, it can still take up to a month to reach its destination.

While international cargo takes up to six days by air, it still stands to reason that air cargo options are a lot faster than ocean options.

Even though air travel is usually faster, some items are not allowed on airplanes for any reason, meaning they can only travel by sea. Knowing this in advance is helpful so you can plan for any delays you may have with your products.


Cost is always a concern when shipping something, so it can be helpful to determine which course of action is better. Weight and size are both considered when shipping something by air, while ocean carries only consider the size of the items to be shipped and not weight. This means that it can be less expensive to ship by ocean.

International air cargo services are typically more reliable, faster and cost less. Fastway Worldwide Express India does its best to determine the proper mode of transportation for your shipments. 

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