Interesting Facts About Metal Fabrication In Kent, WA

Examples of metal fabrication can be seen everywhere today. From automobiles to skyscrapers, the modern world relies on Metal Fabrication Kent, WA in a big way. In that spirit, here are some interesting facts about metal fabrication that many may find nice to know.


For each race car that drives in the NASCAR series of events, almost 1000 hours of metal fabrication goes into the vehicle. This work is done before the vehicle even touches the speedway. Equipment in the vehicle that undergoes specialized metal fabrication include the chassis, roll cage, and suspension.


The year 1961 saw General Motors develop the first automated, robotic welder. Deemed the Unimate, the industrial robot weighed in at over two tons and even featured a motorized arm that performed all of the spot-welding duties. The equipment used at Specialty Metals is much more modern than this.


The beginnings of metal fabrication can actually be traced back to ancient Egypt. There are remnants of gold jewelry dating back to 4000 BC that have been found at excavation sites.


Well over half of all products, both consumer and non-consumer, have some form of Metal Fabrication in Kent, WA attributed to them. These products include electronics such as computers and smartphones as well as bigger things such as bridges, airplanes, boats, and restaurant equipment.


The first welding in space was actually performed by cosmonauts from Russia. While the attempts were crude by today’s standards, the knowledge gleaned by the space crew helped to develop the International Space Station, which is still in use today.


Conversely, the deepest weld on record actually occurred overseas when an underwater pipeline was laid and had to be welded. The pipeline went from Oman to India and was placed at a depth of 11,500 feet below the surface of the water.

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