Interested in Becoming a Luthier? Learn the Fundamentals of Bass Restoration in Atlanta, GA

Luthiers are experienced in the art of repairing stringed instruments. They are produced through years of training and experience. Most luthiers prefer to focus on specific kinds of instruments during their training. If your interest lies in the fundamentals of Bass Restoration In Atlanta, GA, there are multiple things that you can learn.

What Can You Learn From a Course on Bass Restoration?

There are several common problems that can be learned in the course.

  • How to safely remove the top of the bass. This would include preparations for conserving the shape, how to brace the neck properly, how to then replace the top, and when to re-line the edge.
  • How the neck of the bass should be safely removed. This includes the preparation of neck mortise and alignment of new/restored neck with a laser.
  • Knowing how to remove/replace a fingerboard. Additionally, you could also learn how to address repairs to plate and rib cracks and how to fit in a bass bar. The safe and proper way of removing and replacing bass strings.

In addition, you would also be introduced to repairing the instrument through the f-hole and the different tools that are used. Certain courses on bass restoration in Atlanta, GA could also allow working remotely via Zoom.

Materials and Tools

To practice, you could bring one standard ¾ bass. This is usually for constraints of space. Then based on the courses and instructions, you will be guided on various repairs and the tools you will require for each.

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