Installing Curtains Correctly is a Job for Curtain Installation DC

When you buy expensive curtains you want them installed correctly. Perhaps you have curtains that you would rather not spend time installing, or the windows require more than just mounting some brackets.

Properly installed curtains add so much to the room’s decor, and they will look professionally installed. The variety of curtains on the market today are very different from grandma’s day. These curtains often require special procedures for installing the rods as well as the use of specially designed rods.

The staff at Curtain Installation DC can install all curtains regardless of the width or height of the windows. The installation will depend on your desire for the curtain to extend beyond the window frame and above the frame. Each installation is different and each installation adds its own look to the room.

If the curtains are to extend beyond the window frame, then it is necessary to ensure that the mounting brackets are level and properly spaced from the window’s side and top frame boards. This will ensure that the window curtains will extend to the correct height above the window frame and the correct distance from the frame.

Some curtains extend to a length that requires a “C” bracket mounted in the middle to prevent the window curtain from sagging.

Attaching the brackets to the walls often require special screws that have sleeves that will form a backing against the inside of the wall to secure the brackets. Some installers use “mollies” depending upon the weight of the curtain. This company’s staff will know which attaching part is the best part to use.

Wood and ornamental iron rods are often used, and they require special mounting because of the’s staff include door panels and sidelights. The staff can create an hour-glass effect for the sidelight curtains. Balloon curtains can be hung and adjusted for a pleasing appearance. Festoons and Jabots are another area of expertise that the installers can use. Fishtail swags and scarves are another decor feature that our installers can arrange to add a beautiful appearance to any room.

A curtain is made to look a certain way on a window, but it usually requires a professional installer to manage the installation.

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