Information on Dental Implants Through Your Family Dentist in Louisville, KY

One of the issues causing people self-esteem problems is the appearance of their smiles. Most everyone is concerned about how their teeth look. Your teeth are a part of you that is exposed when you eat, talk and smile. For those with cosmetic dental issues, confidence issues abound. Years ago, there was very little that could be done to help someone with dental issues. Today, there are many cosmetic dental procedures, like dental implants, through your Family Dentist in Louisville, KY.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant consists of two parts. The first part is the surgical steel anchor. This anchor is implanted through the gum socket and into the jaw bone. Once implanted, the anchor is a permanent fixture in the jaw and will later hold the implant tooth. The implant teeth are primarily created from resin or porcelain, but can also be made from metal alloys. These artificial teeth look and perform just like your own natural teeth and can fill in the gaps your missing teeth have left behind.

These implants are placed in your mouth through a surgical procedure. Most people only need a local anesthesia to have an implant put in, but if you are having more than one anchor placed, you may need general anesthesia. The dentist will implant your anchors and then you will need to recover about three weeks before your gums will have healed enough to have the tooth implants put into place. Once your gums have healed, the Family Dentist in Louisville, KY will check the stability of the anchor and will then place each implant tooth over the corresponding anchor.

Dental implants become a permanent part of your smile and can last a lifetime, if you take proper care of them. There are certain habits you should avoid and some crunchy foods you should not eat when you have dental implants. Your dentist will give you detailed information on caring for them so they can stay looking beautiful for many years to come.

For those wanting to learn more about dental implants and other procedures, contact Moore Smiles and make an appointment. They can provide you and your family with all of the dental services needed to keep your smile healthy and looking great.


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