Information About Jail Bonds in Sedgwick County

If you are dealing with a sudden phone call from a loved one who is in jail and needs help to get out, you will probably need to look into jail bonds in Sedgwick County. The purpose of a bail bond is to help you get your loved one out of jail without having to pay the cash bond amount in its entirety. Often, the full bond amount is too expensive for the average person to come up with on the spur of the moment, so companies like Affordable Bail Bonds offer solutions that allow you to pay only a small percentage of that bond amount to them to secure the immediate release of your loved one.

There are several types of jail bonds, with perhaps the most common being the Surety Bond. Surety Bonds typically requires you to pay an amount equal to 10 percent of the bond to the bail agent. You will also sign a contract saying that you will be responsible for seeing that the person being released will appear for their court date. Once the accused person has attended their court date and been determined either guilty or innocent, the terms of the Surety Bond are satisfied and you will owe no further money to the bail company.

Another type of jail bonds in Sedgwick County are the Property Bonds. This type of bond uses collateral in the form of property to secure the bond. To get this type of bond, the property being used for collateral must be owned outright and there must be proof of this. A Property Bond is sometimes used in situations where the bond amount is quite high, and situations in which a Surety Bond cannot be approved.

If you live in another area, even out of the state, but you need to bail someone in Sedgwick County out of jail, you are still able to do so with a Transfer Bond. The Transfer Bond is similar to a Surety Bond in many ways, but your bond provider will coordinate with an associate in the proper jurisdiction to get your loved one released from jail. Your physical location doesn’t have to be any impediment to helping your loved one get back home. In nearly any situation there will be some type of bond that will be ideal. Just ask the advice of your bail bond agent as to the best type of bond!

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