Infant Clothing Should be More Than Adorable

New parents need lots of infant clothing because everyone knows babies need their clothes changed several times a day and sometimes during the night. Shopping for baby clothes can test the most resolute person because it is so hard to resist buying everything in sight since the shirts, onesies and layettes are so adorable. There are some guidelines to follow though because young children need clothes that are comfortable and durable, as well as adorable.

Babies need both practical, everyday clothing and fancier clothing for trips out with mom and dad. However, all clothing that infants or toddlers wear should have certain qualities that include:

High quality




Fits well

Though designer clothing is nice, you can buy luxury and stylish outfits for babies without spending a small fortune. Since children grow so fast, you want to purchase clothes that look nice, are affordable and will stand up under normal wear and tear until the child grows into the next size. There is high quality clothing available that looks every bit as stylish as designer clothes but is not over-priced. High quality options enable you to buy more clothing than would be possible when purchasing designer clothing. That is important when you consider how often babies need their clothes changed.

Stylish Babies

If style is a concern, then personalizing the baby clothing is a great choice. All types of clothing are personalized, including robes, hats, and t-shirts. Also stylish is themed clothing. Baby camo, ballerina, baseball player, pilot or chef layette sets are adorable, while still being practical. It is no secret that adults enjoy dressing their babies in clothing that has a theme that reflects their own interests.

Baby clothing should be safe also. The clothes are safe when there are no loose accessories the baby can pull off and swallow. The clothing also needs to be free of drawstrings or anything that can wrap around an infant’s neck. Along those lines, the clothing needs to fit well, without being too snug.

Though tempting, you do not want to buy baby clothing now that is meant to fit an older child. Parents always end up giving away brand new clothing that the baby never got to wear because the child grew too fast. Clothes should be purchased based on the infant’s height and weight. A good rule of thumb if buying a gift is to double an infant’s age to estimate the clothing size.

Shop with Experienced Retailers

Following the infant clothing guidelines will help you buy high quality clothing that is also practical. The wide range of available styles, colors and designs makes shopping fun. One of the best ways to ensure you are buying safe clothing is to shop with experienced retailers specializing in infant clothing or gifts.

Babies have special needs and rely on their parents to keep them warm, comfortable, and safe. That is much easier to accomplish by purchasing high quality clothing that fits right and is soft on the skin. If style is desired, simple personalize the clothing with embroidered initials. In that way you get quality, comfort and style.

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