Industrial Embedded Computer Usage and Benefits

In today’s society, the use of computers is a vital part of our everyday life. Whether you are at home or at work, there is a good chance you will be using a computer at some point during the day. It might be a larger desktop unit at home, or it could be a small tablet PC at work. It could even be the smartphone you carry in your purse or pocket. The fact is, computers are everywhere and can be used for almost any application you can think of. Military uses are popular where a large amount of data needs to be kept in a small package, such as for use on unmanned vehicles or drone units. Factories and other industrial applications are common too, such as record keeping on the production floor or keeping track of client requirements when manufacturing custom parts.

Why Use a Rugged Computer over a Home Computer?

Household computers, tablets, and other large or small devices are not made to withstand heavy duty uses. For example, they contain small fans to keep interior components cool and working properly. In an industrial setting, the computer may be subjected to high heat which will damage normal components. Also, a factory, field or military setting may subject all tools and devices to dust or moisture. This can mean the end of normal light-duty machines sold for home use. Factories and other industrial settings need a rugged computer or other device as it is specifically made to be put through the paces of abuse. This includes being used in high temperature areas, some areas with moisture or higher humidity, and areas where dust and other airborne particles are common. Industrial embedded computers are small and lightweight, but can store massive amounts of information. This makes them excellent for record keeping and organizing client lists, production notes, inventory scans and much more.

Longer Life and Fewer Replacements

With light duty computers, some industries may find themselves replacing these units on a monthly or even weekly basis. This can severely cut into the company finances and become a large burden. With heavy duty, rugged computers made specifically for these areas in mind, replacement will be much less often. You won’t find yourself in need of new internal fans since many of the rugged units are fanless, and you will never face issues of slow operating times due to ambient heat since the machines have been made to withstand higher temperatures in general.

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