Important Information before Installing your Water Heater

A water heater is among the most used appliances in the home. Its frequent use requires that you maintain it often to ensure it is in good working condition. The heater can last for a minimum of 12 years but this is dependent on where you live, how well it has been installed, the model that you have, and how well you maintain it. When it is damaged, you have to replace or repair the heater. Water heater installations in Rochester hills area are a complex process that requires the help of a professional. The professional will ask you the following three questions when you call him;

The age of the heater – The age determines whether your appliance needs to be replaced or repaired. If it is more than a decade old, then expert will advise you to replace it. When heaters get old, the number of repairs increases and it becomes more of an expense than of help to you. New versions of heaters are more energy efficient so it will be good to replace.

The type of water heater – For the longest time, there has only been two types of heater; gas and electric. You need to be sure about the type of heater in your house. If you are not sure, the professional will send someone to check the type. Technical advancements have made it possible for there to be a tankless heater. The heater is expensive to purchase but saves a lot in energy bills. If you want to switch to this heater, tell the professional.

The spec of your heater – This includes information about insulation R-value, capacity, working pressure, model number, and serial number.  You can get this information on the name’s plate of your heater which is located on the side of your appliance.

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