Important Information About Cremation in Middletown

Cremation is increasingly becoming a common alternative to tradition burial. This is a simple and dignified method that involves the use of heat and flame to reduce the body to ash-like substance, which can then be stored in an urn, scattered or buried. While cremation is a topic that remains unappealing to many, it has multiple financial benefits. For instance, with cremation, no casket is required. A simple wood or even cardboard box is sufficient as it will be quickly reduced to ashes anyway. If you are considering getting a loved one cremated, but you aren’t sure exactly what is involved, here are some few things you may want to know about Cremation in Middletown.

What does cremation entail?

Numerous funeral homes are now offering cremation services in addition to traditional burials. Cremation is a high skilled art that involves placing of a person’s remains in a combustible container, cardboard box or casket. The body is subjected to heat, reducing it to ashes and bone fragments. Subsequently, the cremated remains are transferred to an urn and handed over to the family members for disposal.

There are numerous ways in which a loved one’s body may be disposed. For instance, some families will opt to spread their loved one’s ashes at a place of special importance while others will bury the body with a gravestone above. Alternatively, the body can be placed in a columbarium, or a special niche where the ashes are permanently displayed. You may also choose to have your ashes mixed with concrete and used to build underwater coral reefs. This not only provides a great memorial for the dead, it is also eco-friendly.

Why cremation?

* Cremation is often conceived as an affordable alternative to the traditional burial.

* Cremation offers flexibility for the manner in which a family chooses to remember their loved one.

* Cremation is considered to be an environmentally friendly method. It doesn’t require the use of resources to build a casket, nor does it require the use of a plot of land.

Contrary to the traditional position where most religions would find cremation unacceptable, it has now been widely accepted among many denominations and cultures as a mainstay of the memorial process. If you are looking for a suitable funeral home that provides Cremation in Middletown as a way of honoring the life and memory of a loved one, contact John P. Condon Funeral Home. Visit the website Domain for details.

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