Important Considerations When Purchasing Pre Owned Cars

A car can be a great investment buy many shoppers are hesitant about purchasing new vehicles because they know the value begins to depreciate as soon as it departs the dealership. Once it’s sold and leaves the showroom floor, the vehicle is only worth about 90% of its purchase value. This is the reason most buyers refuse to buy new but prefer to invest their money in vehicles that are in great condition and of credible value. By purchasing from pre owned car dealerships in Seattle, buyers can avoid the cost of depreciation and save money at the same time. There are a few things to remember when buying used and with these tips in hand, the process should be a smooth one.

Research Before You Buy

Before shopping pre owned cars for sale Seattle WA, determine which features are most important in your car purchase and what year, make and model will serve those needs. It should be noted that there are certain brands and models that age better than others and make great choices as used car purchase options. It’s best to always consider the cost of upkeep, maintenance, accessories and parts, as they add to the cost of the after care of the vehicle if purchased. There are resources available such as consumer reports and online reviews that provide helpful information to help buyers decide which used cars will offer the best value in their purchase.

Buy Familiar

It is best to purchase from pre owned car dealerships Seattle only if you are aware of their history. Ask for recorded history of any and all repairs, restoration and maintenance. Vehicles that have been in any accidents or experienced water damage should be avoided and of course be weary of those that have been heavily utilized as service vehicles or rentals. It is sometimes possible to verify the history of the vehicle using the VIN of the car. Dealerships such as Richs Car Corner, usually has this information on hand and are willing to give the VIN if the buyer request. We have free CARFAX® reports for all cars. Although history is good to know, visual inspection is more important than any other type. This is a rule that even the most experienced buyers follow because ads can be misleading. An up-close and personal inspection of the vehicle helps to identify any potential issues, especially those hidden under the hood of the vehicle.

Pre owned Cars for Sale Seattle are highly searched online. Richs Car Corner knows the value of used vehicles.

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