If Your Air-Con System Isn’t Working, Don’t Panic!

When spring arrives, most people breathe a sigh of relief because winter is finally over; and they look forward to those long summery days when they can spend their weekends in the local park playing Frisbee and enjoying a Barbeque. However, not everyone likes the hot weather, and many people will instantly reach for their air-con units.

If you have a system installed that only produces cold air, it’s likely you will not have switched it on during the winter months, and this is why problems can occur. Because you haven’t used your system, this is when issues can arise that you didn’t know were there; and they always present themselves when you need your system most.
We are all guilty of taking our air-con systems for granted; after all, you only need flick a switch, and the air in your home or office is instantly cooled. However, just like any other electrical system, they become worn with age, and they do need a bit of tender loving care every now and then.

An air conditioner contractor in Chicago could possibly become one of your best friends, especially if the system you have is a few years old. There are lots of parts associated with a system like this, and they’re all capable of failing. One the main things to consider is the filter; it can become clogged with dirt like dust particles and other invisible organisms that cannot be seen in the air.

If you don’t have your filters cleaned regularly, they will eventually stop working. Before this happens, it’s likely they will be sending dirty air back out of the system, which is not good for your health. When you call an air conditioner contractor, they will pay you a visit to assess the current state of your system.

They will then provide you with a written quote detailing what needs to be done to either repair your system or, in the most extreme cases, replace it. Replacement may be needed for a couple of reasons. It could be that your air-con system has simply given up and cannot be repaired; or it could be that your system is so old it doesn’t comply with current regulations.

The professionals that work in this field take their work very seriously, because they know how important it is that the temperature in your building is kept at a comfortable level, and they also know the quality of the air you breathe is highly important.

For instance, if you have a system like this at your office, if it’s not working the way it should, you may not be getting the best out of your employees in terms of productivity. If it’s too hot, they won’t be able to concentrate, and if the air they’re breathing is sub-standard, you may see costs rise because people are taking more time off because of sickness.

An air conditioner contractor in Chicago will make sure your system is running properly, and if you have maintenance checks done regularly, it will extend the life of your system.

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