If You Smoke; Do You Purchase From The Best Online Cigar Store?

In older times, if you fancied buying some smokes – be it cigarettes, straight tobacco or cigars – you would take a walk down main street and look for the wooden Indian that was used to identify many stores selling tobacco products. It was even likely that the store that you chose carried their own customized mixtures and hand rolled examples along with some of the (then) heavily advertised national brands from major tobacco companies.

Advertising was everywhere; newspapers, the new fangled TV, movie houses, etc – even before sponsorship of sports and other activities became another tool of the tobacco companies. Many of the advertisements stressed an adventurous, outdoor image associated with smoking their product; while others concentrated on their smokers being amongst the top layers of social acceptability.

Along with this; you could light up and enjoy your smoke almost anywhere you wanted to. There was an undercurrent of doubt that smoking should not be as socially acceptable as it was and more and more people were adding their voices to the clamour over health issues and smoking addictions.

Then Everything Changed

Small single proprietorship shops were being pushed out of business by the big retail chain stores; smoking advertisements were being restricted almost out of existence and more and more establishments (that were open to the public) were introducing total bans on all forms of smoking activities. This made it harder for a smoker to choose which brand and type to smoke and, then, where to buy it from; let alone, where could he go to enjoy his habit in the company of others?

Mixed Motives

There is no doubt that the anti-smoking lobby is in ascendance at this time; but, the fact remains that the growing, processing and manufacture of smoking products remains a large, high value industry. It is also an industry that earns the government a considerable amount of money from taxes and duties. Cynics say that tobacco will never be totally banned because of the incomes it generates.

How To Select What To Smoke?

There are still a few old fashioned tobacconist stores and, in some places, you might find cigar lounges or clubs but, by and large, a (restricted choice) rack in the corner of a newspaper shop is about the best you can find. However, all is not lost for the determined, discerning smoker. In our digital age, a quick computer search will lead you to the Best Online Cigar Store where can select almost any type and brand from a selection of the world’s best smokes.

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