Ice Cream, Ice Cream Places And A Healthy Diet

Ice cream places in Chicago continue to thrive in the summer time. No matter what, ice cream flavor you choose, many of them originally introduced to the city by the William M. Bell Company in 1912, it always makes you feel good to be alive on a hot summer day. Ice cream is a favorite treat. It is also a healthy one in moderation. This is no surprise to some people. For others who seek a rationalization for their health fiend friends, this is the article for you.


Quality ice cream made from milk contains calcium. This, as any grade school student knows, helps to make bones and teeth healthy and strong. While an obvious reason for drinking milk, why drink at all when you can, as a mature adult, can lick an ice cream cone or spoon it from a dish. Just think of ice cream as decadent milk.


Besides calcium, ice cream contains other minerals. Among them is the ever phosphorus. Like calcium, phosphorus helps in the healthy formation of bones and teeth. It also works in conjunction with B vitamins and contributes to the healthy state of your kidneys, and nerve actions.


Every child and adult takes vitamins in one form or another. It just so happens that ice cream is chock full of a variety of vitamins including:

 * A – to improve your eyesight
 * B-6
 * B-12 – associated with improved memory
 * C
 * D – to help you absorb the calcium in ice cream
 * E
 * K – addresses blood flow issues
 * Niacin
 * Thiamine
 * Riboflavin

If these are not enough healthy reasons for forcing yourself to visit ice cream places in Chicago, there are others.

Other Reasons for Eating Ice Cream

Eating ice cream can give you that extra energy you need. It owes this ability to the presence of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. At the same time, ice cream can help you feel better about yourself. It does this by stimulating the “happiness hormone” – the thrombotonin. Moreover, since it contains L-triptophane, ice cream can help calm you down, and let you get some relaxing sleep.

Ice Cream Places in Chicago

You can test out the health benefits anytime. Medical professionals and dieticians do caution you against overindulging. Like every other food that tastes good, it is always best to eat ice cream in moderation. Make eating at your favorite ice cream places in Chicago a true treat and a special indulgence and not a commonplace and, yes, fattening mundane occurrence.