Hydraulic Boat Trailers – A Safe and Smooth Way to Haul Your Boat

The most important part of owning a boat is having a way of transporting it the lake, river, or ocean of your choosing. To do that, your easiest course of action would be to invest in one or more hydraulic boat trailers, for easy maneuverability and handling.

Electric vs. Hydraulic Surge Brakes
Boat trailers can be fitted with brakes that work on either a hydraulic surge that activates the actuator and applies the brakes or the brakes are electric and controlled within the tow vehicle. We take pride in producing quality hydraulic trailers for a number of reasons. Electrical brakes are controlled by a brake control inside of the tow vehicle but require extra wiring and special corrosion resistant equipment to prevent electrical failure, whereas hydraulic surge is actuated by special coupler on the trailer and is not controlled within the tow vehicle. Hydraulic surge is most commonly outfitted for boat trailers.

Hydraulic brakes work very much like regular car or truck brake systems. They use the force the vehicle’s deceleration when it stops. The brakes use this force to activate the brake coupler’s internal master cylinder, which in turn compresses against the body of coupler. This forces brake fluid through the brake lines and to the wheel cylinders. This then forces the brake shoes against the drum, stopping the trailer. They do need to be bled as part of their regular maintenance to ensure safe and proper performance.

Benefits of Using Hydraulic Boat Trailers
Since hydraulic brakes do not require any wiring to the tow vehicle and do not require a brake control from within the tow vehicle, they hook up to the tow vehicle quicker and easier than electric brakes. Our hydraulic trailers are outfitted for an even ride and for ease of use for our customers. We strive to provide you with user-friendly and reliable boat trailers to ensure your boat can be hauled safely and reach its intended destination without damage caused by trailer failure.

Our trailers feature quick loading and off-loading while providing a careful and smooth ride. We carry hydraulic boat trailers for a variety of boats and boat sizes, from power boats and sail boats, to shoal draft sailboats, we’ve got your boat trailer needs covered.

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