HVAC Service in Greenville SC Keeps Home Heating and Cooling Systems Operating Efficiently, Saving Homeowners Money

Homeowners need to keep their living environments cool in summer and warm in winter, with fresh, clean air moving throughout their living spaces. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, better known as HVAC , is the industry that is responsible for keeping everyone comfortable and breathing easy.

Advancements in HVAC technology have created heating and cooling units that are more efficient than ever before, saving consumers money and reducing environmental impacts. The regular servicing of HVAC systems is imperative if a homeowner wishes to keep their units operating at peak performance and avoid costly repairs. HVAC service in Greenville SC can help to head off any problems that could create a heating or air conditioning emergency.

A modern home is usually heated by a furnace that runs off of natural gas, propane or heating oil. The fuel type is often determined by geographical location and what is most affordable in the area. Electric heating units are also available. Cooling the air of a home is the job of the air conditioner. Air conditioners remove warm air from an environment by using a refrigerant that turns gaseous when exposed to heat and then transports that heat to an outside location. Ventilation systems filter the air that is circulated in a home and can offer relief to people who have respiratory conditions or just want cleaner air to breathe. To keep these systems functioning properly, seek out HVAC service for regular maintenance.

Many homes and facilities use a single unit that is responsible for both heating and cooling. These units are called heat pumps. When operated to supply warmth, heat pumps take warm air from outside, compress it and then send it into the home. On very cold days, heat pumps have a supplementary electrical coil that can add additional warm air when needed. To cool, the function of the heat pump is reversed, with warm air being pulled out of a home and moved outside using a refrigerant to transfer the heat. Basically, a heat pump is either pumping heat into or out of a space. Geothermal heat pumps are also available that use heat from the earth as opposed to the surrounding air and are growing in popularity.

To keep a HVAC service in Greenville SC system functioning properly and efficiently, homeowners should look for a company with expertise and experience to install and perform regular maintenance of their HVAC units.

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